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Congress surprises BJP over Polavaram issue

The opposition party Congress has sprung a surprise on the NDA government in Rajya Sabha today over Polavaram issue. While everyone are expecting Congress to be neutral in this issue to safeguard their interests in two Telugu states, Congress sprang a surprise by declaring support to the Polavaram Bill. Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Jairam Ramesh spoke in favour of Polavaram issue in the Rajya Sabha. Jairam even went on to say it was the decision of previous UPA government that is incorporated in the ordinance and bill put forth by the current NDA government.

He even stood by the Andhra Pradesh people in the issue telling that Polavaram to AP is as emotional issue as Hyderabad to Telangana. Jairam’s statements were opposed by his own Congress party MPs from Telangana. They tried to stall his speech by creating ruckus in the Rajya Sabha but Jairam Ramesh concluded it saying all that he planned. Finally he ended up saying that it is the responsibility of AP state government and Union governments to safeguard the interests of the submerging families due to the project. He said that justice should be done to those 45000 families in such a way India’s poor track record of rehabilitation is erased.

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