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Mirchi Live Updates

Mirchi Live Updates


The film has opened in Milan, Italy.. Prabhas has made a stylish entry on a bike.. Richa has also come in

Prabhas is looking very glamorous.. An interestingly shot proxy fight sequence..

Time for the first song.. ‘Yahoon Yahoon’… Jai (Prabhas) and Manasa (Richa) are in love

A small twist in the romantic track.. Jai heads to India.. Subba Raju comes in as Poorna

Brahmanandam comes in as Bank Officer Veera Pratap..

Scene shifts to Iragavaram village in Macherla.. Bannerjee and Nagineedu come in..powerful faction family

The title track ‘Mirchi’ is on now..shot on the journey from Hyderabad to Macherla

The hero is trying to reform the violent ways of the faction family.. Brahmanandam and Prabhas are infusing humour into the film

Love track and family reformation track are running in parallel..

Time for the ‘Barbie Girl’ song.. Shot in typical wild west cowboy style..

Tamil actor Sathyaraj comes into the story as the head of a rival faction family

The highly anticipated Panche Kattu fight breaks out.. Prabhas is on a killing spree

Interval – First half has set the tone for the story with an interval fight and twist..Second half is very very important now..Let us see how it will be

Nadiya makes an entry as Prabhas’s mother.. Srinivasa Reddy also comes in

Anushka makes an entry in the flashback..

Time for the song ‘Pandagala Digi Vacchavu’.. Father and son sentiment

Full Review Will Be Soon

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